Phantasm Creed

Tony M. Quintana

When bloodthirsty metal soldiers from the empire of Zaphyrelia infiltrate the divine barrier protecting the magically-infused oasis of Azahar, an unlikely hero is found in Dashiel Ermitage, a simple librarian’s apprentice with a longing for adventure.

After a valiant battle, with the metallic menace finally defeated, Azahar faces a greater problem: the barrier that protects the land is weakening, leaving them vulnerable to their enemy.

Dashiel’s wish for excitement becomes a reality when he is recruited to join the Cobalt Phantasms, an elite order that hopes to provide relief to the Zaphyrolean people suffering under a tyrannical rule. Armed with a mythical weapon and a childhood dream, he must leave Azahar and find a way to protect the town he loves on a journey that takes him through a wonderful but dangerous 19th-century world of flourishing machines and dwindling magic.

His new life, however, is threatened by a long-held secret that will put an end to his adventuring days if it ever comes to light. Will Dashiel prove to be the hero Azahar needs to overcome their enemies, or will this closely guarded secret destroy his chances to save everything he holds dear?

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